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Abbi was playing hookie but all the fun and games were over when she was caught by her teacher. She decided that she'd give Abbi the choice of being sent to the Principal, who would most likely call her parents and then suspend her, or she could choose the teacher's choice of discipline, a hard paddling.  Abbi thought for a second and decided that a spanking that can last for fifteen minutes would be better than having to deal with her dysfunctional parents for all the days that she would be suspended. Her teacher was more than happy to beat her ass!
Bonus Update
Michelle's rich father was off on a business trip and couldn't get home to bail her out of jail for shoplifting again, so she tried to bribe the officer on duty. She reached through the bars for his pants and unzipped his pants, pulling out his cock. She got down on her knees and gave him a deep-throat blowjob through the prison bars. He let her out so he could bend her over his desk and fuck her in the ass but as soon as he's done he tosses her right back behind bars!
Kailee started a new job and after awhile she discovered how to get paid more money without doing more work. The catch was that it was illegal. They entered their hours in manually by pen and she started signing for hours that she didn't earn. Her boss caught her and gave her the option between a swift and hard ass spanking or the cops. She answered by bending over his lap and taking it in the ass like a champ!
Lilian the resident administrator for the dorm was making her usual rounds on the campus. As she walked by Hayden's room, she got a whiff of a very distinct smell that is close to that of burned oregano. Without knocking, Hayden opened the door and found Hayden puffing on a very fat blunt. Hayden knew that if she was reported, she would be expelled from school. In order to save herself from losing out on her education, she begged Lilian to spank her instead, and swore that she would never smoke anything ever again. Lilian's has always been a closet fan of S&M so she agreed. She pulled off her belt and took off Hayden's pants and belted her the blood vessels could be seen on her ass!
Missy got caught on the street with an open container of alcohol by Ms. T. She took her to prison so she could learn her lesson by spending a night in lock-up. Missy pleaded with Ms. T to let her go home. Ms. T didn't really want to spend a whole night watching over her drunk ass so she gave her some good news and some bad news. The good news was that she could leave without spending a night in the slammer, the bad news was that she'd have to endure a severe ass beating first. Missy got to go home early but she definately slept on her stomach that night!
Angie's landlady, May, drove over two hours to get to her because Angie is a few months behind on rent. When Angie told her that she would be able to pay her until next month, May went crazy. She already went through a messy law suit with another tenant in the past, and she didn't want to do it again. So instead she took off her belt and beat her senseless and afterwards took all the cash Angie had in her purse before leaving!
Kailee walked apprehensively into the Principals office. She was caught red handed with a cheat sheet by one of her teachers and she knew she was walking into a world of pain. The Principal is a strong believer in corporal punishment, and when he pulled out a large wooden paddle her knees nearly buckled with fear. Luckily, there is a desk to keep her from falling while he paddled her ass till it was black and blue!
Ms. Law came home to find her place in a huge mess, caused by her roommate Sarah. Ms. Law's temper has been bad lately and as soon as her roomie came back, she threw Sarah right over her leg and started belting her ass. Sarah yelled for her to stop but Ms. Law woudn't hear any of it. After the severe beating, Sarah moved out!
Ms. Law agreed to let her friend's daughter, Desire Moore, stay with her while she went to college. In doing so, Desire Moore's mom also told Ms. Law to disicpline her anyway she wanted if she ever got out of line. Ms. Law is glad she told her this, because she received a phone call informing her to bail out Desire from the police station. When they got home, Ms. Law would choose her discipline of choice, a hard and painful ass spanking. She pulled down Desire's pants and undies and slapped her ass until her hand got numb!
Ms. Law saw Hayden pocket a piece of jewelry and gave chase after her. When she finally caught her and brought her into the station, she couldn't find the bling anywhere. After a few rounds of interrogation, it became clear that she was going to have to be a little more "persuasive" if she wanted to find out where she stashed the stolen merchandise. She grabbed a stick and beat her till the truth came out!
Bonus Update
While his girlfriend is at work Otto Baur puts the moves on her best friend, Chelsea Ray. She rubs his cock and he strips her clothes off, but when they start fucking, Kylie Reese comes home and catches them red-handed! She needs to punish her friend for fucking Otto so she gets her strapon dildo out and violates her every hole with it while her boyfriend watches, then lets him join in and fuck her in her tight asshole!
Angie's landlady, May, stopped by to make a few repairs around the house. While she was down in the basement, Angie noticed that May's purse was laying wide open on her couch. Angie, being the little kleptomaniac that she is decided to rummage through her purse. May suddenly came up faster than Angie could put the stuff away and she was caught red handed. May was brought up old school, and she decided to bring it back into fashion. She grabbed Angie and bent her over her knee and spanked the hell out of her for attempting to steal from her!
Coach Lambert called his soccer team's captain, Kimber to come over his house. He was pissed off at her because she has been late several times to practice. Not only is this an infraction that no coach should tolerate, but this sets a horrible example for the rest of the team. When Kimber arrived, he decided that a regular tongue lashing just wouldn't do. He bent her over his knee and drove his heavy hands over and over onto her ass until her legs were wobbling with pain!
Like many teachers, Ms. Law loves her job but she also works part time as a mall security officer to help supplement her income. While on duty she caught Desire, a hot little thief, stealing some very valuable merchandise. This marked the 4th time Desire got nabbed for shoplifting, so obviously, the justice system is not doing it's job, so she decided to take the law into her own hands. Ms. Law locked the doors, grabbed a caning stick and ordered Desire to bend over for her lashing. Desire did just as she asked because she knew Ms. Law meant business and she also had a gun on her. So she bent over the desk and Ms. Law let her have it till her ass was good and bloody!







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