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Loraine allowed Kailee to stay with her, rent free, as a favor. However, there were certain rules that Kailee had to agree to before she moved in. One of the most important ones was a strict adherance to a no smoking policy. Not only is smoking bad for the health but Loraine's family perished in a fire due to an unattended lit cigarette. So when Loraine came home and found Kailee smoking on her bed, she immediately told her to leave her home. However, Kailee begged for forgiveness and pleaded with her to be allowed to stay. Loraine agreed to give her one last chance, but not before a fiery ass spanking!
Ms. Law had a big date planned for after work, but she had to miss it on the account of her roommate, Minnie, getting arrested for stealing. On top of that, she had a to put up the bail money since Minnie obviously had none to speak of. If a police got to witness what transpired after they got home, they might as well have not left the police station. As soon as they entered their place, Ms. Law gave Minnie the hardest ass beating of her life!
A few months ago the district passed a new ruling that stated teachers could not smoke on school property. Not only does smoke stink up the school, but a smoking teacher sets a very bad example for the students. So when Ms. Law saw Ms. Judy smoking in the teachers lounge, she was ready to go to the principal with the information. Ms. Judy pleaded with Ms. Law to give her another chance. Ms. Law agreed to do so only if Ms. Judy took an ass spanking from her. If she was going to behave like a child and break the rules, Ms. Law was going to treat her like one. Ms. Judy didn't want to get fired so she answered by bending over and prepared for a hard ass spanking!
Kailee was shopping at the mall and came across this cute key chain that she desperately wanted but couldn't afford. She thought no one was paying attention so she put the little trinket into her purse. What she didn't realize was that a hidden camera was on her the whole time while a security guard was watching. Long story short, she was arrested and her roommate had to bail her out. When they got home, her roommate was so pissed that she had to spend her pay check on this trouble maker that she beat her ass, literally. She spanked Kailee's ass until it was blood red!
Bonus Update
Veronica has been running around the house looking for her car keys when she remembered that her roomate Vanessa must have them since she used it last. But Vanessa has no idea where they are and completely forgets where she put them. Veronica gets really mad and takes Vanessa by the hair. She wants to take out her frustration on Vanessa's ass, so she strips off her clothes and grabs her strapon dildo. She stuffs it in Vanessa's mouth then takes aim at her ass as she slams it deep into her asshole!
Ms. Law was feeling terrible. She hurt her leg in a car accident recently and it was bothering her the entire day. When she got home, she couldn't wait to pop in one of her pain killers. Imagine how she felt when the one thing that could have taken that excruciating pain off her mind wasn't there. She opened the bottle and all her pills were gone. After a quick round of interrogation, her gf admitted to downing them herself to support a bad drug habit. Well if Ms. Law was not going to be able to get the pain to go away, she was going to make sure that her gf got to share some of her grief. She promptly stripped off her pants and beat her till the pain pills wore off!
Ms. Judy, a teacher at Tushy Academy, pissed off a few bad seeds in her class by assigning them detention for being tardy. These girls didn't take the punishment well and decided to get even. They planted some school supplies into her purse and left a tip on the Principal's voicemail saying that they saw her stealing. The Principal called her into the office and even though she swore that she never stole a thing in her life, that did little against the planted evidence in her bag. The Principal gave Ms. Judy a choice. She could either be fired or take a hard spanking. She regretted choosing the later as she was betting spanked so hard, the kids in the next room could feel the pain. Payback is a bitch!
Girl Gets Hard Caning & Temperature
Checked With
Rectal Thermometer
Ms. Law got a tip from a reliable source that Kailee was stealing other students belongings and supplies from the school nurse. Ms. Law pulled Kailee out of class and forced her to open her locker. When she did, the accusations of stealing where confirmed. Ms. Law decided to stick a stolen thermometer into Kailee's ass and spank her until her butt read a steamy 100 degrees!
Ms. Law had to babysit Wynona for the fifth time in detention this month and she was sure it wouldn't be the last. Ms. Law realized that Wynona didn't view detention as a punishment but just another place for her to nap and waste time. She decided that a more hands on approach would do more good for teaching her discipline. Ms. Law grabbed Wynona by the hair and threw her across the table. She then tore off her panties and paddled her ass till she broke down from the pain!
Ms. Law went upstairs so she could tell Sarah that it was time for dinner. When she got closer she realized that she was on the phone speaking with to her friend, nonchalantly dropping curse words in every sentence, while smoking a cigarette! What made it worse the fact that Ms. Law was on the no smoking committee. Well Ms. Law was furious at her dirty mouth so she decided to clean it out, literally. She started belting Sarah and when she yelled out curses in pain, Ms. Law jammed a bar of soap into her mouth and continued beating her till her ass was nearly bleeding!
Bonus Update
Officer Rick caught Cassie, a smoking hot petty thief, shoplifting in his mall. She's been very successful in the past, using her sex to get away with different crimes, but the law caught up to her today. Officer Rick gets all the feels he wants as he frisks her, makes her stip naked and violates her ass while searching for "evidence". Needless to say, he didn't find anything, but Cassie learned her lesson I'm sure!!
Ms. Law had Holly come to her office so that she could expell her from the school for cheating. When Holly arrived, she pleaded with Ms. Law for another chance. She reminded Ms. Law that last time she got caught stealing, she was given a hard spanking by her, and she never stole again after that. Ms. Law had her mind set on expelling her, but Holly did have a good point. So lucky for Holly, Ms. Law decided to give her another chance, provided that she receive an even harder ass spanking this time. Holly thought she was prepared for the spanking that was about to come because of her previous beating, but she would come to realize that she was wrong. Ms. Law was furious and unleashed all her strength in each swing of the paddle till Holly's ass was rubbed raw!
Lily was staying with her neighbor Ms. Johnson while her parents were away on vacation. She thought she was out shopping so she decided to have a cigarette. Little did she know Ms. Johnson was home and smelled the smoke and barged into the room, catching Lily red handed. Ms. Johnson decided that Lily needed a little discipline to teach her a lesson. She gave her a very hard bare bottom spanking followed by a rectal thermometer deep into her ass!







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