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Veronica Rayne just can't seem to find a decent roommate. After she kicked Mackenzie Pierce out for being a slob, she thought her luck took a turn for the better when she met smoking hot Meagan Reece. But as it turns out, she might have been better off with Mackenzie. Not only is Meagan a slob but she "borrowed" Veronica's car without telling her, which caused her to miss a meeting with her boss, which led to her dismissal. Veronica go the boot and how she's gonna give Meagan the back of her hand!
Hollie Stevens was living with her roommate Moni Michaels for a few months and they started get serious with each other. However, Moni suspected that Hollie was talking to other guys and girls behind her back. Moni decided to hack into Hollie's email and find out her suspicions where right. Well she found nothing except for a severe spanking when Hollie discovered what she was up to!
Mackenzie Pierce was down on her luck. She was out of a job, broke, and evicted from her place. Her hot friend, Veronica Rayne, was good enough to let her stay with her free. The last thing Veronica expected for Mackenzie to do was to take advantage of her kindness. Mackenzie quickly wore off her welcome. She ate all of Veronica's food, broke her dishes, and left the place looking like a mess. When Veronica finally had it, she gave her a good ass spanking before she kicked her out!
Jessica was sleeping with the boyfriend of her roommate, Veronica, behind her back. Veronica suspected that something was up but never had any hard evidence, and both Jessica and her boyfriend always denied the accusations. So she decided to hire her own private investigator and soon afterwards, she receives a call from the detective confirming her instincts. She was pretty devastated, so she grabbed Jessica and took out her frustrations on her by spanking her ass!.
Laurie was being a real big bratt. She was blasting her music off her computer and when her mother came over she immediately put on her headphones. But not more than a second later, when her mom was out of sight, she took the headphones off and continued to blast the music from the speakers. This time the mother came back with a belt to make sure the next time she steps out of the room, it will stay quiet!
Demi is fed up with her hot slut of a God-daughter, Heather Miller. After the last time Heather got caught stealing, she got slapped with probation as her sentence. She soon violated her probation and the cops came knocking. Luckily she wasn't home and Demi convinced the officers to let this one slide by assuring them that it would not happen again, and by giving some good head. When Heather came home, she knew by the look on Demi's face she was in for swift spanking and that exactly what happened!
Hollie Stevens was living with her roommate Moni Michaels for a few months. Hollie was acting like a real bitch and Moni was fed up with her crap. She decided it was time someone taught her a lesson! While Hollie was on the phone, Moni ended the call when she pulled it out of her hand and bent her over her knees. She exposed her bare ass and didn't stop till her butt was nice and red from a hard ass spanking!
Heidi Mayne, a trouble maker at Doomenow High School, noticed that her teacher, Mr. Johnson, put a wallet/purse like object into his desk at the beginning of the class and then forgot to take it when he left. Heidi waited in her desk till the room emptied. When she thought it was safe, she went up to the desk and rifled through the drawer where she found what she was looking for. However, just as she was about to check out her stolen goods, Mr. Johnson re-enters and catches her red handed. It wasn't before long when his hand too would be turned red from slapping the crap out of Heidi's ass for her thievery!
Michelle is not just a hot mom, but she's a hot and generous mom at that. When her daughter came to her and told her that her friend was in desperate trouble and needed a place to stay, Michelle graciously opened her home to this girl that she didn't even know. As the old saying goes, "No good deed goes unpunished," the ungrateful freeloader not only stayed out late passed curfew, but left the house in a mess before leaving. Michelle is going to show this slob what happens when you break the rules with a nice ass spanking!
Heather Miller is a hot slut who has a habit of stealing and taking things that don't belong to her. After a long and hard day of work, the last thing her legal guardian, Demi, wants to do is deal with her little kleptomaniac. However, thats exactly what she had to do today when her neighbor complained to her about stolen goods that she saw Heather take. Well Demi has just about had it. When she walked through the door, without hesitation, she ordered Heather to lie across the kitchen table so that she could belt the crap out of her. You can bet Heather won't be giving herself any five-finger discounts again.
Carmen Valentine was allowed to stay at her neighbor Michelle's house on the condition that she follow all of her rules, and she imposses a strict curfew. One night after dinner, Michelle discovered that she snuck out of her room which was a big violation. The longer she sat their waiting for Carmen to come back home, the more pissed off she got. When Carmen finally arrived home, she claimed to have snuck out to study (yeah right!) Kyle smelled the bullshit so she decided to pull down her pants to make sure she didn't mess herself. When Carmen still wouldn't tell her where she really went, she decided to beat the truth out of her!
Whitney can't behave at home and now she's causing trouble in school. She got caught giving head to a fellow classmate under the stairs and was forced to do time in detention for it. While she was there, she destroyed school property (a library book) and tossed it recklessly into the hallway. The teacher in charge of looking after her trips over the text book and fell on her face. Angered from her fall, she decides that serving time is simply not enough. She bends her over the desk and gives her a nice beating!







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