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Nadia Nyce was arrested for prostitution and brought down to the prison. The arresting officer is fed up with having to deal with all of the prostitutes so she decides to teach the girls a lesson. Just like her teachers used to punish her, the officer realizes the only way to teach a girl a lesson is with a very hard belting! Watch as she belts Nadia's ass until it turns bright red!
Alissa needed to get to her boyfriends house so she decided to take her roommates car without asking. Her roommate caught her trying to take her car and decided to teach her a lesson about respect! Watch as she gives her pale ass a hard bare bottom spanking until it turns bright red!!!
Dr. Cheyenne had one of her patients visit her for her annual exam. The patient explained to the doctor that she recently had unprotected sex with two guys. The doctor got extremely pissed off and her and decided that she needed to be taught a lesson. Watch as she Dr. Cheyenne gives her an extremely hard spanking!
Malayah was staying with her neighbors while her parents were away on vacation. She got caught cheating on her test in class, and the adults she was staying with were extremely pissed off. The guy decided she needed to be taught a lesson and proceeded to give her an extremely hard bare bottom spanking!
Lori recently got suspended from school for fighting. Her parents were away on vacation so she was staying with the neighbor. The neighbor found out she was suspended and was furious! She thought Lori needed some proper discipline so she decided to give her a very hard bare bottom spanking until her ass turned bright red!
Michelle was arrested and put into a holding cell over the weekend before she could talk with a judge for bail. The guards per her in a cell with an inmate they knew would give her problems. Michelle tried to ignore her cellmate, but her cellmate was not going to be disrespected. She decided to teach Michelle a lesson on respect and give her a very hard bare bottom spanking!
Stacy Thorn was staying at her parents friends house while they were away on vacation. Stacy is a very spoiled brat, so when she spilt juice on the floor she left it there. The women she was staying with came into the kitchen and saw the mess and confronted her. She told her that it was about time she learned a little respect. She pulled Stacy's panties down and gave her a very hard bare bottom spanking!
Nicole was arrested for shop lifting and brought down to the local prison for booking. This was the 3rd time this month she was arrested so the guard decided it was time for her to learn a lesson. "We are going to be doing things a little different around here from now on" she said as she pulled out a cane. After a few hard whacks, Nicole definately learned her lesson!
Nadia was caught stealing from her neighbor and was told she was going to get a very painful punishment. She was put over her neighbors lap and had her ass spanked hard. To make the punishment worse, she had her jeans, and panties pulled down and given a very hard bare bottom spanking!
Eden was supposed to be paying attention during class, but she was tired from partying so she fell asleep. Her teacher caught her sleeping and was very pissed off. She abruptly woke Eden, and made her stand up in front of the class. The teacher proceeded to pull out a paddle and give Eden an extremely hard ass paddling!
Sara missed the final exam, so her teacher was kind enough to allow to her take a make up one after school. Sara talked with her friends and got the answers before the test and wrote them down. During the exam, her teacher caught her cheating and decided to punish her with a very hard bare bottom spanking!
Naughty School Girl

Cara must not of completed her homework assignments last night. When Mrs. Evington called her up to the black board Cara could not even get one answer correct. She ended up on her teachers knees getting her tushy slapped so she would learn to be better prepared for next class.







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