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So You Think Your Special

Jackie was called in after class because she is doing very poorly in Algebra. Jackie is the captain of the cheerleading team, and being popular, many teachers cut her slack and help her with her grades. Mr. Gold does not feel she should be passed just because she is the captain of the cheerleading team. He tells her she is failing her class, and will not be able to attend the prom. She begs him to pass, and he finally agrees...only if she will accept his strict punishment!.
Hard Ass Spanking

Before the teacher showed up to class, Stacey decided to leave a nasty message on the black board. As she was writing on the board the teacher showed up. She was pissed off at Stacey for writing something so bad. The teacher decides to show Stacey what happens to bad students. She gives her a very hard bare bottom spanking in paddling in front of the class!
Bend Over

Alana didn't study for her test, so she decides to play sick.Her teacher is not buying it, and knows all about the test that Alana didn't study for . To prove she is not sick she sends her to the nurses office! "Do you know what happens to liars?" Her teacher Yelled. They get spanked!
Teacher Punishment

Casey got caught cheating in class and her teacher was very upset. After class he was explaining the consequences of cheating and she wasn't paying attention to him. The teacher realized the only way to get through to her was with a physical punishment. Watch as he gives her a very hard spanking and paddling!
Caught & Punished

Being late for class has strict consequences. Katie was late for class and her teacher gave her after school detention. Katie did not show up on time so her teacher was really upset with her. Watch as she gets punished with a very hard paddling and bare bottom spanking!
Doctor Spanking

Carrie visited her doctor for her annual examination. The doctor asked if she was sexually active and Carrie admitted she was. She also told her doctor that she did not use protection when she had sex. Her doctor was extremely disapointed, and decided to give Carried an extremely hard paddling and spanking as punishment for being so irresponsible!
He's Pissed Off

Michael is sick and tired of his flirty girlfriend talking to other guys. He catches her on the phone with another guy and he loses his temper. He grabs her and throws her around. He then pulls down her panties and gives her a very hard spanking. Watch as he teaches her a lesson on being a flirt.
Roommate Punished

Cara came home after work to find her lazy roommate Danielle sleeping. It was Danielle's week to clean their apartment and take out the trash, but she decided to take a nap and forgot to do her chores. Cara was pissed off that she was so irresponsible so she decided she was going to punish her! Watch as Danielle receives a very hard otk bare bottom spanking!
Caught Cheating

Jamie decided to cheat on her test by writing the answers on her hand. Her teacher noticed there was writing on her hand and called her to the the front of the class. Her teacher decides she needs some discipline to learn her lesson. Watch as she receives a very hard bare bottom spanking and paddling!
Kitchen Spanking

Paula was at her neighbors house and saw a wallet sitting on the counter. She noticed there was some money sticking out so she grabbed it and put it into her pocket. While she was putting the money into her pocket, her neighbor walked in and caught her. Instead of calling the police and having her arrested her neighbor decided to punish her with a very hard spanking!
Bad Student

Michelle & Erin were passing notes during class and their teacher caught them. She knew Michelle was the one at fault so she decided to teach her a lesson. The teacher made her stand up and bend over her lap, while she proceeded to give her a very hard over the knee spanking & caning!
Bedroom Spanking

Sara came home and found her lazy roommate watching television instead of cleaning their house. Sara was fed up with her roommate not doing any of the house choores and decided that physical punishment was the only way to get her point across. She grabs her, places her over her lap, pulls down her panties and proceeds to give her a very hard bare bottom spanking!







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