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Cheerleading Exam

Tricity is so excited about making the cheerleading team but is a little apprehensive about the "physical exam" she needs to undergo. She meets with the Doctor and he checks all her vital signs. He then tells her she needs to remove all of her clothing so he can do a thorough exam. Watch as he checks her temperature rectally and orally, then gives her a very hard bare bottom spanking!
Dildo Spanking

Katie came home from work to find her horny roommate using her dildo. Katie got really pissed off that Maria would go through her personal stuff without asking permission. Katie tells Maria that she is going to learn her lesson for taking her friends dildo. Katie gives Maria a very hard bare bottom spanking. After she spanks her, she decides to show her how to use the dildo! Watch as Katie fucks Maria hard with this huge dildo!
Hard Ass Spanking!

Heather was caught stealing from one of her neighbors. She was in the middle of taking money out of the girls purse when she walked in. The neighbor was extremely pissed off and decided to give her a very hard spanking! She places her over the couch, lifts up her skirt, and gives her a very hard bare bottom spanking!
School Discipline

Carey has just not been paying enough attention is school. And her teacher is begining to notice her poor performance. Today in class Carey's teacher had enough and was going to discipline by spanking her perfect ass extra hard. The teacher followed her hand spankings by stiff paddle strocks on Careys hurt ass!

Loren was staying at her neighbors house while her family was away on vacation. She didn't want to go to school today, so she calls and makes plans with her friends. When her neighbor comes in to wake her for school, she pretends she is sick. Her neighbor is no fool...and realizes Loren is lying. To prove she is not sick, she takes Loren's temperature rectally and and the results come back normal. Now it's punishment time! She receives a very hard over the knee spanking!
Caught Smoking!

Shayna thought her dorm mother was out doing errands so she decided to sneak a cigarette before she got home. She didn't realize she was in the room next door and smelt it. She came in and was pissed off! Watch as she decides to give Shayna a very strict punishment! She gets spanked & caned very hard!
Cheating Girlfriend

Mike was sleeping when his girlfriend came home at 3 in the morning. Mike was pissed off that his girlfriend did not call him and tell him she was going to be home late. He questions her about her where abouts and she delays her answer, and it is obvious that she is lying. Mike is fed up with his girlfriends lying, and tells her she is going to be punished. Watch as she receives a very hard over the knee bare bottom spanking!
Caught Snooping

After class Kari decided to sneak back to her classroom and try to find the answer key for tomorrows test. While she was going through her teachers desk, her teacher happened to walk in and catch her. Her teacher was really pissed off and decides to giver Kari an extremely hard paddling and spanking!
Blonde Spanked

Michelle was on vacation with and decided to go out drinking while her boyfriend was asleep. When he woke up he was pissed she would disrespect him so he decides to punish her. He puts her over her lap, lifts up her dress and proceeds to give her a very hard over the knee bare bottom spanking!
Classroom Spank

Isis got to class before her teacher arrived and she decided to go through the teachers grade book and change one of her grades. When the teacher arrived she noticed her grade book was in a different position as when she left so she flipped through it and noticed a Isis's grade was changed. Instead of reporting her to the principal, she decided to take punishment into her own hands!
Red Bare Bottom

Justine needed some cash to go to the clubs with her friend but was broke. She knew her next door neighbor always had a lot of cash so she decided to run next door and see if she could find some. No one was home and the door was open so she quietly walked in and found a wallet on the couch. As she was sneaking some money her neighbor came home and caught her. Instead of calling the cops she decided to give her a hard spanking!
Teacher Spanks

Karen failed her math class and had to take summer classes. The teacher was pissed off because Karen was the only student who failed class, so the teacher had to waste her summer having to tutor her. When Karen wasn't taking the class seriously, her teacher had the perfect idea on how to get her attention. She gave her a very hard bare bottom spanking!







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