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Spanish Student

Maria recently moved to the US to attend college. She was having some difficulties learning the language and her teacher was really pissed off. She is sick and tired of Maria making stupid mistakes so she now has a new way to punish her when she gets something giving her a very hard spanking and paddling!
Late For Class

Maria has been late to class for the 3rd time this week and her teacher is pissed off! Maria is very laid back and just brushes off her teachers threats of punishment. The teacher finally got fed up with Maria and decides that she needs to be taught a lesson, so she pulls out a paddle and gives her some much needed discipline
Spanked & Belted

Renee was outside when her neighbor caught her spanking. Renee tried to run away but the lady who caught her would not let her leave. She tied her up and waited for Renee's dorm advisor to show up. Her advisor never showed up so the lady decided to punish her instead. She pulled Renee's panties down and gave her a very hard bare bottom spanking and belting.
Bare Spanking!

Syndee gave her roommate an ultimatum to either find a job to help with the bills or move out. When Syndee saw her roommate watching TV, she lost her temper. She grabbed her, and pulled her onto the bed and pulled down her pants. "You lazy bitch! this will teach you about being lazy" Syndee then proceeded to give her an extremely hard bare bottom spanking!
Caught and Spanked

Halie was staying with her neighbor while her parents were on vacation. Her neighbor is very strict and gives her a very early curfew. Halie decides to stay out late partying with friends and when she gets home, her neighbor is very pissed off. Watch as he gives her a very hard bare bottom spanking!
Caught Passing Notes

Mrs. Johnson was teaching her class when she caught Stacey and Maria passing notes. Passing notes in Mrs. J's class is one thing you don't do! She grabs the girls and brings them up to the front of the class. She then lifts up their skirts and gives them very hard spankings in front of the entire class! Watch the shocked faces of the class as she pulls down their panties and humiliates the girls!
Caught Stealing

Deja moved in with her friend Sara for a month while she got her life back on track. She had no job, and no income so her friend was allowing her to stay for free in exchange for some house chores. When Sara came home from work and found the house a mess she decided it was time to teach her friend a little about respect!

Lying to Peter

Peter is watching his neighbor for the week while her parents are out of town. She calls her friends and makes plans to skip school and go to the beach. Unknown to her her Peter was listening on the other phone. When he came in to wake her up for school she claimed she was sick. He played along with her story of being sick, then told her he needs to check her temperature to make sure she is really sick. He spreads her ass and sticks the thermometer deep into her ass. After the temperature comes back normal he admits he was listening in on her plan to skip school and she is now going to get punished for lying. Watch as he pulls down her panties and spanks her very hard until her ass turns bright red!
Caught With Lube

Katie and Jenny's dorm mother does a suprise room check and discovers a bottle of sex Lube. Their school is a very strict religious school and any form of contraception is banned. No boys are allowed, and sex is strictly prohibited! Their dorm mother says that the girls need to be punished for having the contraband. She decides that she will use the Lube to punish the girls. She pulls down their panties and lubes up her fingers, and rectally punishes both girls.
Spanking Friends

Jessica and Kristy are best friends. Jessica usually takes care of Kristy and makes sure she does well in school. When Kristy gets in trouble at school her Jessica is the one who lays down the punishment. Kristy gets suspended at school for cheating on her test, and Jessica is not happy. Watch what happens Jessica finds out about Kristy's suspension.
Dorm Thermometer

Katie and Christie are hanging out after class when their dorm mother comes to their room and finds cigarettes on the table. Their school has a strict no smoking policy and breaking the rule has strict consequences. Their dorm mother tells the girls they are going to be spanked! While being spanked, Christie yells out that their dorm mother must be sick to spank girls, in which their dorm mother replies, "You think I'm sick? You must be sick to think you can hide these cigarettes from me, and prove how sick you are, I'm going to take your temperature rectally!"
Doctor's Exam

Jessica received a letter in the mail telling her she needs to meet with the doctor in order to be on the cheerleading team. As soon as she meets with him, he tells her to remove all her clothing. She is a little apprehensive, but reluctantly agrees. He checks her vital signs including her pulse, blood pressure, and her oral temperature. Not happy with the results from her oral temperature, he decides to check her temperature rectally. She is a little uneasy as he explains the examination process to her. He tells her she will also need to take a stress test, which includes a rough bare bottom spanking.







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