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Selfish Girlfriend

John came home from work to find his girlfriend Sonia watching television and relaxing. John works his ass off to give Sonia a good life, and she does nothing to show her gratitude. John had asked Sonia to prepare dinner for him when he arrives home from work, but she is too lazy. Watch how John decides to punish his lazy girlfriend with a very brutal over the knee spanking!
Hotel Spanker

Tony and his girlfriend get in a fight at the hotel because she accuses him of flirting with another girl. He is sick and tired of her giving him attitude every time he talks to another girl. By the time they get back to the hotel room, they really get into it. He finally gets fed up with her, grabs her and places her over his knee. He screams and says she is going to get punished for being such a bitch! Watch how he pulls down her panties, and spanks her!
Paddled Hard

Kelly showed up for class almost 20 minutes late and her teacher was really pissed off. Since she goes to private school, the teachers are allowed to discipline the students using their discretion. She decides to give Kelly a very hard bare bottom spanking followed by a paddling!
Smoking Is Bad

Michelle comes home from school and sits down on the couch to do some homework. As she is taking out her books from her bag her dorm leader happens to see a pack of cigarettes in her back pack. He gets really pissed off since smoking is prohibited on campus. He tells her she is going to be punished for smoking. Watch how he teaches her a lesson on smoking!
Caught Masturbating

Karen was staying at family friends house while her parents were away on vacation. Her parents friend was very strict and wouldn't let Karen visit her boyfriend. She was really horny and decided to use her dildo to masturbate. While in the middle of masturbating she was caught and as punishment received a very hard bare bottom spanking!
School Detention

Jodi was given after school detention for wearing clothing that does not meet school standards. Girls must wear clothing that covers their entire body, with no parts exposed! Ms. Gomez decides that Jodi is too disrespectful, and decides she needs to receive a little punishment. Watch how Ms. Gomez decides to punish and humiliate Jodi!
Paddled In Class

Gina was late to class the 3rd time this week and her teacher was pissed off. The teacher tried detention, but that didn't teach her a lesson. Her teacher decided the only way to get her message across was with physical punishment. Watch as she gets a very hard bare bottom spanking and paddling!
Model Roommates

Paula came home from work and found her roommate eating her food. Paula only eats certain foods to maintain her model physique and when her roommate Staci ate her food there was nothing left in the house for her to eat. This really pissed off Paula so she decides to discipline her roommate! Watch as she gives her a very hard bare bottom spanking and rectal temperature check.
The Class Dunce

Passing notes in class has strict consequences. Especially if the notes are making fun of the teacher. Jessica gets caught passing notes, and is brought to the front of the class. She is going to be taught a lesson. Watch as she is labeled the dunce, and then paddled and spanked in front of the shocked class.
Cheerleader Punished

Jackie was called in after class because she is doing very poorly in Algebra. Jackie is the captain of the cheerleading team, and being popular, many teachers cut her slack and help her with her grades. Mr. Gold does not feel she should be passed just because she is the captain of the cheerleading team. He tells her she is failing her class, and will not be able to attend the prom. She begs him to pass, and he finally agrees...only if she will accept his strict punishment!
Hard Spanking

Kristen and Janie were watching television together when Janie decided to change the channel. Kristen was watching her favorite show and was really pissed off her friend would turn it off. She got so upset she became violent! Kristen decides she needs to teach Janie some respect! Watch as she gives her a very hard bare bottom over the knee spanking!
Lesbian Spanking

Sabrina and Jackie are lesbian lovers. One night Sabrina decides to stay out late and party all night. She never called to tell Jackie she was going to be late. By the time Sabrina got home it was 9 in the morning, and Jackie was worried sick. Jackie takes her anger out on Sabrina's Ass, but things quickly turn sexual...







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