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I'm Sick

Barbara doesn't want to go to school, so she pretends to be sick. Her sitter is not stupid, and knows she is pretending to sick when she isn't. To prove she is fine, he takes her temperature orally, then pulls down her panties, and checks her temperature rectally. Proving her temperature is normal, and still refusing to go to school, her sitter gives her a very hard spanking!
The Principal

Lori is a trouble maker at school and is sent to the Principals office for fighting. She is a real bitch and the Principal is not going to take any of her attitude. The Principal is very old and when he went to school, discipline was handled differently. He decides he is going to bring back some old school punishment, and gives her a very hard bare bottom spanking!
Caught Drinking

Sara was staying at her neighbors house while her parents were gone and decided to steal a little alcohol. While she was having a drink her neighbor walked in and caught her drinking. She was so pissed off she would steal from her, and drink without asking her permission that she decides to punish her with a hard spanking!
Firm Ass Spank

Rebecca had been told numerous times by here teacher that chewing gum during class is not allowed. She never listened and continued to chew away class after class. Until today when her teacher had enough and was going to give Rebecca a spanking she would feel for a few days and a lesson she would never forget!
Punished Hard

Ty was living with a friend of the family while her parents were on vacation and decided to sneak a cigarette when no one was home. To her dismay, the family friend walked in on Ty smoking and was very upset that Ty would disrespect her house like that. She decided to teach her a lesson. Watch as Ty gets her panties pulled down and receives a very hard bare bottom spanking!
Neighbor Spanking

Jessica and Karen are best friends, and decided to ditch school and go to the beach. They were staying at their neighbors house and the lady who was watching them was very strict. She decides to take the girls temperatures rectally to prove they are not sick. Once the results come back normal the girls are in for some very hard over the knee bare bottom spankings!
Teacher Paddling

Sara forgot to do her homework for class, for the third time this semester. Her teacher decided it was time for some punishment. She pulled Sara to the front of the class and proceeded to pull out a paddle. She paddled Sara's ass until it turned bright red, then finished the punishment with an over the knee bare bottom spank!
Bad Student

The teacher was not pleased with Rebecca's presentation. Rebecca clearly had not put in the time studying and preparing for her class. Her teacher wanted to make sure this would be the last time her unprepared student would make this mistake. She bent Rebecca over her desk and proceeded to spank her firm ass with her hands then a stiff paddle!
Kitchen Spanking

Jamie came home from work to eat dinner and found out that her roommate ate all the left overs from the previous night. Jamie was starving and pissed off that her roommate would be so rude. She was fed up with her and decided to teach her a lesson right in the kitchen. She pulled down her panties and gave her a very hard bare ass spanking!
Spanked & Paddled

Rianna was caught cheating during her make up exam. Her teacher was really upset, and knew if she reported her to the principal he would let her slide with a warning. Instead, the teacher had a way to teach Rianna a lesson. She pulled her to the front of the desk, placed her over her knee and gave her a very hard spanking and paddling she will never forget!
Not Paying Attention

Mrs. Johnson was teaching her class when she caught Lori day dreaming. Instead of paying attention to Mrs. Johnsons lecture, she was drawing pictures in her pad. The teachers brings her to the front of the class, and punishes her! She lifts up her skirt and gives her a very hard spanking in front of the entire class! The teacher then pulls down her panties and fingers her asshole in front of the entire class! Watch how the students react to their crazy teacher!
Double Spanking

Lori, Wendy & Sara are roommates living together at school. They just moved in together for the first time. Wendy is a spoiled brat and always had her parents taking care of her. She leaves empty milk cartons in the refrigerator, doesn't do the dishes, and leaves her dirty clothing all over the place. Lori and Sara get fed up, and feel its time for her to be taught a lesson. They grab her and put her over both of their laps, and give her a double over the knee spanking!







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