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Slutty Dress

Jodi was given after school detention for wearing clothing that does not meet school standards. Girls must wear clothing that covers their entire body, with no parts exposed! Ms. Gomez decides that Jodi is too disrespectful, and decides she needs to receive a little punishment. Watch how Ms. Gomez decides to punish and humiliate Jodi!
First Timers

Watch Jamie and Tiffany as they have their first lesbian spanking experience in detention after school. This is what girls do while you are not looking!
School Days

Carey has just not been paying enough attention is school. And her teacher is beginning to notice her poor performance. Today in class Carey's teacher had enough and was going to discipline by spanking her perfect ass extra hard. So She told Carey she was about to fail.So she says that she'll get passing grade under one condition...
The Exam

Jessica received a letter in the mail telling her she needs to meet with the doctor in order to be on the cheerleading team. As soon as she meets with him, he tells her to remove all her clothing. She is a little apprehensive, but reluctantly agrees. He checks her vital signs including her pulse, blood pressure, and her oral temperature. She is a little uneasy as he explains the examination process to her. He tells her she will also need to take a stress test, which includes a rough bare bottom spanking.

Amanda and Charlotte are lesbians. they wanted spice things up by adding some hot spanking to their routine Watch Amanda get dripping wet while spanking Charlotte's apple bottom!
Say Thank You

John came home from work to find his girlfriend Sonia watching television and relaxing. John works his ass off to give Sonia a good life, and she does nothing to show her gratitude. John had asked Sonia to prepare dinner for him when he arrives home from work, but she is too lazy. Watch how John decides to punish his lazy girlfriend with a very brutal over the knee spanking!
Spank My Ass

Jackie, Jenny ,and Amy have been best friends for years, but their primary passion is being spanked! They enjoy turning each others sweet white asses a bright hot red, hearing the moans and cries that the other makes while being spanked, and getting off on the painful pleasure that a good spanking brings!
You Think It's A Game

Maxwell is sick and tired of his girlfriend talking to other guys. He catches her on the phone with another guy and he loses his temper. He grabs her and throws her around. He then pulls down her panties and gives her a very hard spanking. Watch as he teaches her a lesson on being a flirt.
Your My Bitch

Watch as Lesley puts on a strap-on ready top punish her roommates Rachael for being so damn lazy! Since Rachael wanted to act like Lesley's girlfriend then she should give up some pussy! Watch as Rachael gets her sweet pussy popped
Do Your Homework

Sara must not of completed her homework assignments last night. When Mrs. Evington called her up to the black board Sara could not even get one answer correct. She ended up on her teachers knees getting her tushy slapped so she would learn to be better prepared for next class.
Read It Out Loud

Michelle was caught passing notes during class and her teacher gave her detention. She knew Michelle was the one at fault so she decided to teach her a lesson.So after school the teacher made her stand up and bend over her lap, while she proceeded to give her a very hard over the knee spanking & paddling!
Watch Your Mouth

Harley got in trouble during class, so her teacher, Ms. Quinn made her come after class for detention. While in detention, she cursed at her and called her a slut! Ms. Quinn got so pissed off, she pulled out a paddle and proceeded to give Harley a brutal paddling until her ass was completely black and blue!







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