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You Think Your Slick

Jamie decided to cheat on her test by writing the answers on her hand. Her teacher noticed there was writing on her hand and called her to the the front of the class. Her teacher decides she needs some discipline to learn her lesson. Watch as she receives a very hard bare bottom spanking and paddling!
Bad Girls Get It The Worst

Chewing gum in class only has one consequence. Little did Kim know, but she was about to get the punishment of a lifetime. Her teacher called her to the front of the class. She then orders Kim to "get into the position". Kim bends over the desk and her teacher gives her a extreme spanking and paddling!
Pretending To Be Mom

Teresa and Diamond are two hot coeds who are also lovers. Living out their lesbian fantasies have made them so very hot for each other, it's all they can do to sit still through classes. Teresa loves to spank her girlfriend, and with each spanking, Diamond just keeps getting wetter!

Harley got in trouble during class, so her teacher, Ms. Quinn made her come after class for detention. While in detention, she cursed at her and called her a slut! Ms. Quinn got so pissed off, she pulled out a paddle and proceeded to give Harley a brutal paddling until her ass was completely black and blue!
I'll Fix You

Nadia was caught stealing from her neighbor and was told she was going to get a very painful punishment. She was put over her neighbors lap and had her ass spanked hard. To make the punishment worse, she had her jeans, and panties pulled down and given a very hard bare bottom spanking
So You Think Your Grown

Shayna thought her dorm mother was out doing errands so she decided to sneak a cigarette before she got home. She didn't realize she was in the room next door and smelt it. She came in and was pissed off! Watch as she decides to give Shayna a very strict punishment! She gets spanked very hard!
Little Whore

Tim was tired of his daughter running around the house in the nude! He was afraid someone might see her. Fed up with her bs he grabs her and makes her bend over. Then he gives her ass a good thrashing!!

Kelly showed up for class almost 20 minutes late and her teacher was really pissed off. Since she goes to private school, the teachers are allowed to discipline the students using their discretion. She decides to give Kelly a very hard bare bottom spanking followed by a paddling!
Pay Close Attention

Ally was supposed to be paying attention during class, but she was tired from partying so she fell asleep. Her teacher caught her sleeping and was very pissed off. She abruptly woke Ally, and made her stand up in front of the class. The teacher proceeded to pull out a paddle and give Ally an extremely hard ass paddling!
Hard Headed Girl

After specifically saying last class to read chapters 3-11. Ms Kline was more than pissed when she found out that Kayla has not been reading. Watch what happens when a teacher gets frustrated
I'm Smarter Than you

Layla is a smart mouthed bitch! The teacher grew very tired of her mouth! Then one day she snapped. Watch how Kayla's mouth got her ass in trouble! She gets bent over the desk and given a very hard bare ass spanking and paddling!
House Call

Jesse McCarthy needed an annual physical exam so she went to see her doctor Rebecca Steel. She took off all her clothes to put on the patient's gown and straddled the patient bed for her anal exam before flipping over so Dr. Steel could probe her anus with her finger. The visit was capped off by using a standard anal thermometer to check the patient's temperature, then Jesse was sent home with a clean bill of health!







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