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Bad girl

Jack comes home from work early to find his daughter cutting class. Her dad is annoyed that this is the 2nd time this week he caught his daughter cutting school. Without hesitation, her dad jumps in the pool, and pulls down her panties, and spanks her right in the open.
Hard Head Soft Ass

During a room check, Katie and Teresa's dorm mother found a condom which violates the schools rules about having sex. No girls are allowed to have sex, or any type of contact with boys. Breaking the rules has strict consequences. Not only is the person who is caught with the contraband punished but the roommate as well.
Fucking Slut

Jason was surfing the internet when he came across nude pictures of his girlfriend. He confronts her, and yells at her for being such a slut. Jason tells her that he should be the only one that sees her nude. He grabs her, and tells her that she is going to be punished for posing nude on the net!
Home Wrecker

Katie walks into her boyfriends house to find her roommate sleeping on his couch. She just caught her roommate cheating with her boyfriend. She loses her cool, and decides to take out her anger on Teresa's ass.
My Stuff

Sharon is pissed Shannon keeps borrowing her clothing without asking. Sharon is running behind schedule, and needs her shirt and asks Shannon if she knows where it is. Shannon replies that it's in the wash. Katie has had it with the lack of respect Shannon gives her. She grabs Shannon and forces her and her friend down, and spanks their ass!
Obey The Rules

Chewing gum in class only has one consequence. Little did Kim know, but she was about to get the punishment of a lifetime. Her teacher called her to the front of the class. She then orders Kim to "get into the position". Kim bends over the desk and her teacher gives her a extreme spanking and paddling!
I'm Watching TV

Kristen and Janie were watching television together when Janie decided to change the channel. Kristen was watching her favorite show and was really pissed off her friend would turn it off. She got so upset she became violent! Kristen decides she needs to teach Janie some respect! Watch as she gives her a very hard bare bottom over the knee spanking!
Who's Your Mommy

Sabrina and Jackie are lesbian lovers. One night Sabrina decides to stay out late and party all night. She never called to tell Jackie she was going to be late. By the time Sabrina got home it was 9 in the morning, and Jackie was worried sick. Jackie takes her anger out on Sabrina's Ass, but things quickly turn sexual..
Wakey Wakey

Mark is a horny perverted bastard. He saw how round and soft his girlfriends ass is while she sleeps! He thought it would be a great idea to wake her up by smack her plump rump!
Credit Card Spanking

Lori is a trouble maker at school and is sent to in school suspension for fighting. She is a real bitch and the teacher is not going to take any of her attitude. The teacher is a little older and when she went to school, discipline was handled differently. She decides she is going to bring back some old school punishment, and gives her a very hard bare bottom spanking!
Wasting My Money

Jack works 2 jobs just to pay for his girlfriends so his girlfriend can got to school. When he finds out she is failing. He loses his temper and tells his girlfriend she is being punished. Watch as the rough spankings, soon turn to pleasure as he touches and fondles her naked tushy.
Bad Grammar

Anna is failing English , and meets with her teacher to discuss her grades. Her teacher says that if only she would have studied she would have passed her class, but now it's too late. Anna begs and pleads with her teacher to give her a passing grade, and her teacher finally agrees under only one condition...







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