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Hands Off

Katie is brushing her hair when Teresa comes in and orders her to hand over the brush. Katie tells her that she can have it when she is done. Teresa doesn't like that answer and grabs for the brush. Katie fights back and gets Teresa over her lap in headlock. She pulls down her pants. "You want the brush that bad you bitch, now you're gonna get it" Katie yells as she smacks Teresa's ass with it.
Learn to Listen

Halie was staying with her neighbor while her parents were on vacation. Her neighbor is very strict and gives her a very early curfew. Halie decides to stay out late partying with friends and when she gets home, her neighbor is very pissed off. Watch as he gives her a very hard bare bottom spanking!
Red Cheeks

Mike was sleeping when his girlfriend came home at 3 in the morning. Mike was pissed off that his girlfriend did not call him and tell him she was going to be home late. He questions her about her where about's and she delays her answer, and it is obvious that she is lying. Mike is fed up with his girlfriends lying, and tells her she is going to be punished. Watch as she receives a very hard over the knee bare bottom spanking!
Your Ass Is Mine

Kelly was horny decided to take what she wanted from her roommate. Watch kelly wrestle and pull her roommate down. the she pulls up her skirt then start spanking her roommates luscious ass!
Making The Grade

Jamie was staying with her neighbor while her parents were away on vacation. Her parents gave her neighbor the right to discipline their daughter whenever she felt necessary. Jamie brought home her first semester college report card and received 2 D's in her classes. Her neighbor felt responsible and decided the only way to teach her a lesson would be with an extremely hard bare bottom spanking!
I Buy The Groceries

Jamie came home from work to eat dinner and found out that her roommate ate all the left over's from the previous night. Jamie was starving and pissed off that her roommate would be so rude. She was fed up with her and decided to teach her a lesson. She pulled down her panties and gave her a very hard bare ass spanking!
A Mother Knows

Stacey waited up all night for her daughter, Carmen, to come home after she discovered that she snuck out of her room. The longer she sat their, the more pissed off she got. When Carmen finally arrived home, she claimed to have snuck out to study (yeah right!) Stacey smelled the bullshit so she decided to pull down her pants to make sure she didn't mess herself. When Carmen still wouldn't tell her mom where she really went, she decided to beat the truth out of her
Bad Bad Girl

Justine needed some cash to go to the clubs with her friend but was broke. She knew her next door neighbor always had a lot of cash so she decided to run next door and see if she could find some. No one was home and the door was open so she quietly walked in and found a wallet on the couch. As she was sneaking some money her neighbor came home and caught her. Instead of calling the cops she decided to give her a hard spanking!
Cheerleading Initiation

Today the girls on the cheerleading squad get to show their stuff for the football players. But it's the football players who really look forward to this day: They choose the new captain of the cheerleading squad by reddening the white asses of the cheerleaders! She with the hottest ass wins!
That'll Teach You

Melissa has been cutting class, and not doing her homework. Ms MCormmick doesn't take this disrespect, and calls Melissa in after class. To Jessica's dismay she is ordered to bend over the desk and is told she is going to be disciplined. Ms MCormmick pulls down Melissa's skirt and gives her a very hard spanking until her tushy turns very bright red!
Whore Bag

Jaquelyn was on the phone plotting to cheat with her friend Jennifer . She Jaquelyn wasn't ,but she heard the conversation. As she was sneaking talking to her friend' s boyfriend. Then Jennifer catches her. Instead of getting mad she decided to give her a hard spanking!
You Cost To much

Jonathans wife spends to much money! He works 60 hour weeks just to keep the bills paid! Watch as he says enough is enough and gives his wife the spanking she deserves.







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