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Read It Out Loud

Michelle was caught passing notes during class and her teacher gave her detention. She knew Michelle was the one at fault so she decided to teach her a lesson.So after school the teacher made her stand up and bend over her lap, while she proceeded to give her a very hard over the knee spanking & paddling!
Get a Job

Mike got home from work, and found out his girlfriend was fired from her job. Mike was pissed off because now Halie wouldn't be able to afford rent. He was so pissed, He decided to teach her a lesson. Mike raised his hand, forcefully stripped off Halie's panties and gave her a very hard spanking until her tushy turned nice and red!

Shanelle was late to class for the 4th time this month and her teacher was extremely pissed off. Her teacher Mrs. Queen decided she had to teach Shanelle a lesson. She gave her detention, but that didn't do anything. So she had another idea in mind. She pulled out a paddle, pulled down her panties, bent her over the desk and paddled the hell out of her ass!
Class Is In Session

Cara must not of completed her homework assignments last night. When Mrs. Evington called her up to the black board Cara could not even get one answer correct. She ended up on her teachers knees getting her tushy slapped so she would learn to be better prepared for next class.

Being late for class has strict consequences. Katie was late for class and her teacher gave her after school detention. Katie did not show up on time so her teacher was really upset with her. Watch as she gets punished with a very hard bare bottom spanking!
Do Some Work

Stephanie was tired of her roommate's lazy ass not working and not cleaning up around the apartment! So she decide that she needs to be punished! Watch as Stephanie fingers her roommate's asshole and then spanks her soft bottom!
Reflex Test

Jessica needed an annual physical exam so she went to see her doctor Robyn. Skye.She took off all her clothes to put on the patient's gown and straddled the patient bed for her anal exam before flipping over so Dr. Skye could probe her anus with her finger. The visit was capped off by using a standard anal thermometer to check the patient's temperature, then Jessica was sent home with a clean bill of health,butt not before a hard spanking!
I Wear the Pants

John comes home from work, goes through the mail, and finds a phone bill for $800. He becomes very irritated considering he just had a conversation with his wife for wasting money. It turns out she was calling psychic hotlines, and ran up the phone bill. Seeing his wife relaxing while he busts his ass at work just irritates him more. He jumps in and gives her a hard spanking right in the pool!

Good Girl

Mr. Jackson had Vanessa stay after school. Once she was there he started touching her private parts. Watch as Vanessa gets down and dirty to make it to the top of her class!
Not On My Watch

Mrs. Tyler doesn't tolerate cheating in her class,and when one of her students is caught she shows no mercy. Watch as Mrs. Tyler shows what happens to cheaters who get caught!
Bitch Act Right

Stan was tired of his girlfriend on the phone or watching Soap Operas instead of cooking dinner. I mean a man has to eat. Watch What happens when Stan takes as much as he can stands!
Homie Don't Play That

Stacey comes home a she see's her boyfriend and her sex buddy in the same room! Shocked, she tried to play innocent,but they both knew what the deal was! Then they both grabbed her thinking she needed to be punished and spanked her round soft bottom!







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