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Today's Lesson

Jessica has been cutting class, and not doing her homework. Ms Kinney doesn't take this disrespect, and calls Jessica in after class. To Jessica's dismay she is ordered to bend over the desk and is told she is going to be disciplined. Ms Kinney pulls up Jessica's skirt and gives her a very hard spanking until her tushy turns very bright red then shoving a dildo up her ass!
That's Mine Bitch

Sharon finds her roommate wearing her favorite dress without asking permission. She gets very mad that her roommate does not have the decency to ask her if it is alright to borrow the dress. She says that she needs to teach her a lesson on respect. Sharon grabs her, removes all of her clothing and gives her a very strict punishment spanking.
My First Lesbo Expo

Jackie got home and was feeling a little kinky. So she asked her roommate if she wanted to having her round bottom spanked! Psyched about the idea her roommate laid on her stomach and received a few hard smacks on the ass! Jackie ,noticing how round her roommate ass was, she put her tongue right in it!
Because I Said So

Ms. Strathers was sick and tired of hearing back talk from her students. One day she was pushed to far. Watch what happens to naughty girls that pluck their teachers last nerve!
That'll Learn Ya

Christine is failing Algebra class, and meets with her teacher to discuss her grades. Her teacher says that if only she would have studied she would have passed her class, but now it's too late. Christine begs and pleads with her teacher to give her a passing grade, and her teacher finally agrees under only one condition...
Cheeky Bitch

Its one thing not to do your home work,but its complete different when you tell the teach where she can stick. Watch as this hot teach gets at her wits end!
Forget This

Clara forgot to do her homework for class, for the third time this semester. Her teacher decided it was time for some punishment. She pulled Clara to the front of the class and proceeded to pull out a paddle. She paddled Clara's ass until it turned bright red, then finished the punishment with an over the knee bare bottom spank!
Bad Children

After just punishing Clara. Michelle has forgotten her homework as well. Watch what happens when a teacher goes from irate to pissed off!
Fooled You

Needing some extra cash, Joanne responds to a newspaper ad that promises $300 for a few minutes worth product testing. Little does she know, that she is required to strip down, be covered in lotion, spanked by a fake doctor, and have a temperature checked rectally! Watch her face when she finds out that the doctor is a fraud!
Lesson Learned

Sara missed the final exam, so her teacher was kind enough to allow to her take a make up one after school. Sara talked with her friends and got the answers before the test and wrote them down. During the exam, her teacher caught her cheating and decided to punish her with a very hard bare bottom spanking!
Lazy Skank

Cindy gave her roommate an ultimatum to either find a job to help with the bills or move out. When Cindy saw her roommate watching TV, she lost her temper. She grabbed her, and pulled her onto the bed and pulled down her pants. "You lazy bitch! this will teach you about being lazy" Syndee then proceeded to give her an extremely hard bare bottom spanking!
Juicy Booty

Sydnee and Michelle are two hot coeds who are also lovers. Living out their lesbian fantasies have made them so very hot for each other, it's all they can do to sit still through classes. Sydnee loves to spank her girlfriend, and with each spanking, Michelle just keeps getting wetter!







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