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I'll Teach You

Christine is failing Algebra class, and meets with her teacher to discuss her grades. Her teacher says that if only she would have studied she would have passed her class, but now it's too late. Christine begs and pleads with her teacher to give her a passing grade, and her teacher finally agrees under only one condition...
Take that

Martha comes home from work early to find her daughter cutting class and sunbathing topless in their pool. Her mom is annoyed that this is the 2nd time this week she caught her daughter cutting school. Without hesitation, her mom jumps in the pool, and pulls down her panties, and spanks her right in the open.
Drop Out

Katie has been partying non stop, and her grades have been slipping. In fact, she will not be graduating with her class. Her father was mad because her told her again and again to study. Now he has know other choice, but to teach her a lesson of his own!
My Money Bitch

Mike comes home from work, goes through the mail, and finds a phone bill for $800. He becomes very irritated considering he just had a conversation with his wife for wasting money. It turns out she was calling psychic hotlines, and ran up the phone bill. Seeing his wife relaxing while he busts his ass at work just irritates him more. He jumps on her to give her a hard spanking!
What Did I Tell You

Michelle was on vacation with and decided to go out drinking while her boyfriend was asleep. When he woke up he was pissed she would disrespect him so he decides to punish her. He puts her over her lap, lifts up her dress and proceeds to give her a very hard over the knee bare bottom spanking!
Mother Knows Best

Lashanda's step mother got home before her and found her report card in the mail. Being her step mother she always tries to act like her mother and punish her. Her step mother said that she will be the one dishing out the punishment for failing her classes. Watch Lashanda get a hard spanking!
Dr. Feel Good

Tiffany and John were trying to spice up their love life. So they decided to play a role playing game. Watch as the john plays doctor and his girlfriend tiffany plays the naughty patient!
Your So Lazy

The teacher was not pleased with Rebecca's presentation. Rebecca clearly had not put in the time studying and preparing for her class. Her teacher wanted to make sure this would be the last time her unprepared student would make this mistake. She bent Rebecca over her desk and proceeded to spank her firm ass with her hands then a stiff paddle!
Judge And Jury

Being late for class has strict consequences. Katie was late for class and her teacher gave her after school detention. Katie did not show up on time so her teacher was really upset with her. Watch as she gets punished with a very hard paddling and bare bottom spanking!
Do Something

Cara came home after work to find her lazy roommate Danielle sleeping. It was Danielle's week to clean their apartment and take out the trash, but she decided to take a nap and forgot to do her chores. Cara was pissed off that she was so irresponsible so she decided she was going to punish her! Watch as Danielle receives a very hard bare bottom spanking!
Spank My Tush

Casey got caught cheating in class and her teacher was very upset. After class he was explaining the consequences of cheating and she wasn't paying attention to him. The teacher realized the only way to get through to her was with a physical punishment. Watch as he gives her a very hard spanking and paddling!
Don't Touch My Stuff

Jesse had a bad habit of wearing her roommate Michelle's underwear. Michelle found a pair of her thongs in Jesse's laundry basket. After confronting her Michelle got so mad she began spanking her roommates round supple ass!







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