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So You Think Your Funny

Before the teacher showed up to class, Stacey decided to leave a nasty message on the black board. As she was writing on the board the teacher showed up. She was pissed off at Stacey for writing something so bad. The teacher decides to show Stacey what happens to bad students. She gives her a very hard bare bottom spanking in paddling in front of the class!

Paula was at her neighbors house and saw a wallet sitting on the counter. She noticed there was some money sticking out so she grabbed it and put it into her pocket. While she was putting the money into her pocket, her neighbor walked in and caught her. Instead of calling the police and having her arrested her neighbor decided to punish her with a very hard spanking!
Who's My Bitch

Katie came home from work to find her horny roommate using her dildo. Katie got really pissed off that Maria would go through her personal stuff without asking permission. Katie tells Maria that she is going to learn her lesson for taking her friends dildo. Katie gives Maria a very hard bare bottom spanking. After she spanks her, she decides to show her how to use the dildo! Watch as Katie fucks Maria hard with this huge dildo!

Casey got caught cheating in class and her teacher was very upset. After class he was explaining the consequences of cheating and she wasn't paying attention to him. The teacher realized the only way to get through to her was with a physical punishment. Watch as he gives her a very hard spanking and paddling!
Respect my House

Kayla is just a hot mom, but she's a hot and generous mom at that. When her daughter came to her and told her that her friend was in desperate trouble and needed a place to stay, Kayla graciously opened her home to this girl that she didn't even know. As the old saying goes, "No good deed goes unpunished," the ungrateful freeloader not only stayed out late passed curfew, but left the house in a mess before leaving. Kayla is going to show this slob what happens when you break the rules with a nice ass spanking!
So You Think Your Bad

Whitney can't behave at home and now she's causing trouble in school. She got caught giving head to a fellow classmate under the stairs and was forced to do time in detention for it. Then she went into the teachers desk and took some money. The teacher in charge of looking after her catches her in the act. Angered , she decides that serving time is simply not enough. She bends her over the desk and gives her a nice beating!
Do What I Tell Ya

Jenny was told by her mother to clean up her room,but she decided that she wasn't going to. Then her mother walks in horrified to see the mess! Her mother was pissed off. So she grab her and began spanking her hard headed daughters soft ass!
Cheaters Never Prosper

Isis got to class before her teacher arrived and she decided to go through the teachers grade book and change one of her grades. When the teacher arrived she noticed her grade book was in a different position as when she left so she flipped through it and noticed a Isis's grade was changed. Instead of reporting her to the principal, she decided to take punishment into her own hands!
Spoiled Brat

Stacy Thorn was staying at her parents friends house while they were away on vacation. Stacy is a very spoiled brat, so when she spilt juice on the floor she left it there. The women she was staying with came into the kitchen and saw the mess and confronted her while she was in the pool. She told her that it was about time she learned a little respect. She jumped into pool and pulled Stacy's panties down and gave her a very hard bare bottom spanking!
You'll Learn yet

Ester missed the final exam, so her teacher was kind enough to allow to her take a make up one after school. Ester talked with her friends and got the answers before the test and wrote them down. During the exam, her teacher caught her cheating and decided to punish her with a very hard bare bottom spanking!.
Smoke Sreak

Shayna thought her brother was out doing errands so she decided to sneak a cigarette before he got home. She didn't realize he was in the room next door and smelt it. He came in and was pissed off! Watch as he decides to give Shayna a very strict punishment! She gets spanked very hard!
Good Girls Gone Bad

Passing notes in class has strict consequences. Especially if the notes are making fun of the teacher. Jessica, Tasha, and Rachael get caught passing notes, and is brought to the front of the class. They're going to be taught a lesson. Watch as they get paddled and spanked in front of the shocked class.







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