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Synthia is home from work, and Samantha doesn't seem to care about the long hours he puts in just so she can stay at home and look at porn onthe internet. She hasn't cooked dinner, she's not done any chores, and now she's ignoring him completely. It's high time she was taught who wears the pants in this family, and he's going to start by beating her ass.
Pretending To Be Mom

Sydnee is just used some shampoo to wash her hair when Teresa comes in and orders her to hand over the shampoo. Katie tells her that she can have it when she is done. Teresa doesn't like that answer and grabs for the shampoo. Sydnee fights back and gets Teresa over her lap in headlock. She pulls down her pants. "You want the shampoo that bad you bitch, now you're gonna get it" Sydnee yells as she smacks Teresa's ass with it.
I'll Show You

Justina's mom knew she put some gas in the car just before she came home from work. The next morning it was almost empty. She had idea that her daughter had driven the car,but after hearing the two girls laugh about it she spanked both of them ruthlessly!
Wake Up Bitch

Katie came home from work to find her horny roommate using her dildo. Katie got really pissed off that Maria would go through her personal stuff without asking permission. Katie tells Maria that she is going to learn her lesson for taking her friends dildo. Katie gives Maria a very hard bare bottom spanking.

Cindy gave her roommate an ultimatum to either find a job to help with the bills or move out. When Cindy saw her roommate watching TV, she lost her temper. She grabbed her, and pulled her onto the bed and pulled down her pants. "You lazy bitch! this will teach you about being lazy" Cindy then proceeded to give her an extremely hard bare bottom spanking!
Girls Just Want To Have Fun

Watch Nicole and Diane as the stay after school. Nicole was bored and felt kind of horny. Watch the fun as Nicole convinces Diane to get a hard spanking on her round ass!
Kelly Plays Hooky
Kelly doesn't want to go to school today. She'd much rather play hooky and go to the beach with her best friend. Maybe she can fool her sitter into thinking she's sick. But her sitter knows better, and teaches Kelly a lesson about lying. Watch this little liar get spanked until her ass cheeks are raw!
Dorm Spanking

Jessica and Samantha were in their dorm room and making plans to sneak out to go party with boys. Their dorm leader came into the room and caught the girls about to go out. Sneaking out of the dorm has strict consequences and she was about to give both of the girls a spanking they would never forget!
Summer School

Karen failed her math class and had to take summer classes. The teacher was pissed off because Karen was the only student who failed class, so the teacher had to waste her summer having to tutor her. When Karen wasn't taking the class seriously, her teacher had the perfect idea on how to get her attention. She gave her a very hard bare bottom spanking!
My House My Rules

Michelle was staying with her neighbor while her parents were away on vacation. Michelle's neighbor had a strict curfew, but she decided to stay out later and party. The neighbor was extremely pissed off that Michelle would not follow her rules so she decided to teach the bitch a lesson! She pulled down her panties, placed her over her lap and gave her a very hard bare bottom, over the knee spanking!
Liar Liar

Jasmin tried to fake like she was sick in order to skip class and screw her boyfriend. When her mother finds out watch how Jasmin gets her sweet ass spanked!
Pretending To Be Mom

Jane was given after school detention for wearing clothing that does not meet school standards. Girls must wear clothing that covers their entire body, with no parts exposed! Ms. Joynes decides that Jane is too disrespectful, and decides she needs to receive a little punishment. Watch how Ms. Joynes decides to punish and humiliate Jane!







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