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Hard Lesson Learned

Christine is failing Algebra class, and meets with her teacher to discuss her grades. Her teacher says that if only she would have studied she would have passed her class, but now it's too late. Christine begs and pleads with her teacher to give her a passing grade, and her teacher finally agrees under only one condition...
Wake Up

Shayna thought her dorm mother was out doing errands so she decided to sneak a cigarette before she got home. She didn't realize she was in the room next door and smelt it. She came in and was pissed off! Watch as she decides to give Shayna a very strict punishment! She gets spanked & caned very hard!
That's My Ass

Michelle was on vacation with and decided to go out drinking while her boyfriend was asleep. When he woke up he was pissed she would disrespect him so he decides to punish her. He puts her over her lap, lifts up her dress and proceeds to give her a very hard over the knee bare bottom spanking!
Where's My Dinner

James came home from work to eat dinner and found out that his lazy girlfriend didn't cook. James was starving and pissed off that her roommate would be so rude. He was fed up with her and decided to teach her a lesson right on the couch. He pulled down her panties and gave her a very hard bare ass spanking!
Daddy Dearest

Lisa was late to class for the 3rd time this week and her teacher her father a note. He was tired having listenting to her bs excuses so he decides the only way to get her to listen is with a little punishment. He raises his hand and bends her over his lap. He then proceeds to spank her ass until her ass cheeks turn bright red!
Butt Whip

Jessica and Kristy are best friends. Jessica usually takes care of Kristy and makes sure she does well in school. When Kristy gets in trouble at school her Jessica is the one who lays down the punishment. Kristy gets suspended at school for cheating on her test, and Jessica is not happy. Watch what happens Jessica finds out about Kristy's suspension.
My Turn Bitch

Teresa has a date in an hour and needs to take a shower and get ready. She knocks on the door and tells Katie she needs to use the bathroom because she is running behind schedule. Katie tells Teresa that she is not done, and that she has used up all the hot water on purpose. Teresa gets really pissed off that Katie is so selfish. She grabs her and drags her into the hallway. "You disrespectul bitch!" Teresa screams at Katie as she pulls off her towel and starts spanking her in the middle of the hallway!
Bad Girls

Ashley was at her friends house and decided to check her email on her friends dad's computers. She didn't ask for permission so when the computer crashes, her friend's dad becomes livid. He grabs Ashley, yells at her, then pulls down her pants and gives her a firm spanking.
Pretending To Be Mom

Denise has been cutting class, and not doing her homework. Mr Kinney doesn't take this disrespect, and calls Denise in after class. To Denise's dismay she is ordered to bend over the desk and is told she is going to be disciplined. Mr Kinney pulls up Denise's skirt and gives her a very hard spanking until her tushy turns very bright red!
Lesbian Smuts

Robyn and Michelle are two hot coeds who are also lovers. Living out their lesbian fantasies have made them so very hot for each other, it's all they can do to sit still through classes. Robyn loves to spank her girlfriend, and with each spanking, Michelle just keeps getting wetter!







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