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Site Last Updated Today: July 21, 2019

Special Update: Ms. Law Gets Spanked By The Principal
Once again, Ms. Law has gone against school policy to inflict her own form of punishment to her rowdy students. The School's handbook of rules strictly states that teachers are not allowed to use any form of corporal punishment in their classrooms. Ms. Law has tried every sort of punishment on her bad students and found that none were as effective as an old fashion OTK spanking. While she was spanking one of her students, the Principal of the school walked in and caught Ms. Law in the act. The Principal was fed up with Ms. Law not following the guidelines of the school and decided the only way to get through to her was with a punishment of the same caliber. The Principal Ms. Jane grabbed Ms. Law and placed her over her lap. Ms. Law couldn't believe it, but she was about to get a bare bottom spanking herself. Ms. Law struggled to get away but Ms. Jane was just to strong and proceeded to give her a very hard spanking. After a few minutes of hard spankings Ms. Jane was starting to tire out, so she asked Ms. Law's students to help hold her down. The girls happily obliged and grabbed Ms. Law's arms and legs while the Principal continued to punish Ms. Law's bare ass until it was bruised and red!
Rick is tired of catching his bisexual girlfriend talking to other hot girls and guys. After catching her alone with her sexy friend he loses his temper. He grabs her and bends her over his knee, then on one swoop he pulls down her panties and gives her the hardest spanking of her lifetime. Rick hits her so hard it leaves deep red marks on her ass!
Felicia was supposed to pay her parking tickets by the end of January, but neglected to do so. After being arrested and arraigned for her unpaid tickets, the Judge gave Felicia the choice of jail time or a good hard spanking from the bailiff. Felicia, not wanting to go to prison, decided to take the beating. The bailiff then bent Felicia over her knee, pulled down her panties, and started spanking her as hard as she could. Felicia's ass was a deep, deep red when the Bailiff was done!
Regina was supposed to be notetaking during class, but she had been up late the night before partying so she fell asleep. Her teacher caught her nodding off and was extremely pissed off. She abruptly woke Regina, and made her stand up in front of the rest of the class. The teacher proceeded to bend Regina over her knee and give her an extremely hard spanking!
Kelly has just been brought into court and is being forced to go in front of the presiding Judge. The Judge has found Kelly guilty, but has decided to give her the choice of the type punishment. After presented with the choices Kelly chose to be spanked for 10 minutes over going to jail. The judge beat Kelly's ass with the stick until it was deep red!
The teachers Mr. Winthrop and Mr. Timbers had to watch Cynthia and Jackie for the fifth time this month and they were both sure it wouldn't be their last. They realized that these two cuties did not view detention as a punishment but simply another place for them to fool around. They both decided that a more hands on approach would do more good for teaching them strict discipline. Mr. Winthrop grabbed Cynthia by the hair and threw her across the table. Mr. Timbers then tore off her panties and spanked her ass till she broke down from the pain!
Judge Feinstein has seen Betty on the stand three seperate times for shoplifting. Betty has a job, but she seeks the thrill she gets from stealing. Mrs. Feinstein has tried to get her serious help but that has not worked. This time, Judge Feinstein decided to take the reforming into her own hands, literally. She bent Betty over her desk and tore her ass up with a leather belt until she promised to never steal again!
Kristen was caught cheating and sent directly to the principals office. Kristen's parents donate a lot of money to the school, and the last time she was caught cheating the last principal decided to let the infraction slide. The new principal could not be bought. Instead, the Principal decided to give Kristen some hard spanking discipline with a wooden stick!
Kelly's landlady, Clarice, caught Kelly smoking a cigarette in bed. When Kelly told her it was "no big deal", Clarice went nuts. She had already kicked out another tenant for smoking inside and she didn't want to do it again. So instead she took off her belt and beat Kelly senseless. Whipping her ass over and over again, afterwards Kelly couldn't sit upright her ass hurt so much!
Kristen walked into her Principals office, she was caught red handed cheating by her teacher and she knew she was walking into a world of pain. The Principal was a strong believer in corporal punishment, so when she pulled out a wooden paddle her knees nearly buckled. The principal bent her is a desk to keep her from falling while he paddled her ass till it was black and blue!
Milf Spanked & Humiliated In Front of Teen
Chad is sick and tired of catching his flirty girlfriend talking to other guys. After catching her on the phone with another guy he loses his temper. He grabs her and throws her around, then on one swoop he pulls down her panties and gives her the hardest spanking of her lifetime. He doesn't care if her friend is there watching. Chad hits her so hard it leaves deep red marks on her ass!
Valerie was caught passing notes during class and her teacher gave her detention. Because she knew Valerie was the one at fault so she decided to teach her a really good lesson. After school the teacher made Valerie stand up and bend over her lap, while she proceeded to give her an extremely hard spanking over the edge of her desk!







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