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Theresa got caught on the street with an open container of alcohol by the cops. They took her to prison so she could learn her lesson by spending a night in lock-up. Theresa pleaded with the police to let her go home. The officer on duty didn't really want to spend a whole night watching over her so she gave her some good news and some bad news. The good news was that she could leave without spending a night in the slammer, the bad news was that she'd have to endure a severe ass beating first. Theresa got to go home early but she definately slept on her stomach that night!
Bonus Movie
Felicia after getting back from Algerbra class saw her hottie blonde roommate Lily getting changed in her room. Felicia was easily aroused, and started fingering herself. But when she moaned in excitement she made too much noise and caught in the act. Lily wasn't sure how to teach Felicia a lesson, so she suggested a good spanking. Lily got an extremely hard bare bottom otk spanking!
Heather was arrested for the 3rd time this year and this time she was forced to go in front of the judge. She decided that she'd give Heather the choice of being sent to jail, or she could choose the judge's choice of discipline, a hard paddling with a leather belt. Heather thought for a second and decided that a spanking that can last for fifteen minutes would be better than having to deal with prison. The judge was more than happy to beat her ass until it was bright red!
Missy started a new job and after awhile she discovered how to get paid more money without doing more work. The catch was that it was illegal. They entered their hours in manually by pen and she started signing for hours that she didn't earn. Her boss caught her and gave her the option between a swift and hard ass spanking or the cops. She answered by bending over his lap and taking it on the ass like a champ!
Mrs. Henry was tired of her tenant Jennifer never doing what she said she was going to do. First she said she would take out the trash, then she said she would pay her bills on time. Mrs. Henry has had it with Jennifer and she decided it was time to send her a clear message. As soon as Jennifer came home she grabbed her and forced her over her knee for a good hard spanking. Mrs. Henry pulled down Jennifer's panties and began spanking her ass, making sure to leave the skin a deep, bright red. Jennifer is going to make sure she does everything she said from now on!
Britney continues to not do her homework, and Mrs. Gable is tired of it. She decided that it was finally time to teach her a lesson, so she got out her favorite cane and forced her student over her desk. She whacked her ass over and over, and then pulled down her panties. Just to make sure that Britney was taught a good lesson. It was the hardest caning Mrs. Gable had ever given and Britney's ass really showed it.
Wendy was called into her boss's office for the third time this month. Unfortunately this time, Wendy really pushed the limit. She was supposed to buy office supplies and instead went and got her hair done. Her boss was fed up with her, and decided it was time to fire her. Wendy begged for her job and her boss told her she only had one option. She reached into her desk and pulled out a paddle. She then bent Wendy over the desk and gave her a paddling punishment she would never forget
Wendy was called into the office by her boss. It turns out Wendy took some of the office cash to use to get her hair done instead of getting office supplies. Her boss was going to fire her, but Wendy begged and pleaded for her job. So Wendy's boss had another idea. She opened up her desk and pulled out a hard wooden paddle. She then bent Wendy over the desk and taught her a lesson that she would never forget!
Bridget just started her new job and after awhile she discovered how to make more money without having to do anymore work. When she entered their hours in her timecard she would write more hours than she had worked. After a week, her boss Jason caught her and gave her the option between a swift and hard ass spanking or he would call the cops. She answered by bending over his lap and taking it on the ass like a champ!
Bonus Update Catrina was arrested for shoplifting and brought down to the prison holding cell. After the detective arrived, she brought Catrina into the main office for an entire humiliating strip and cavity search. Catrina is stripped down and has her asshole spread and poked. Apparantly the officer on duty was horny because Catrina was then fucked extremely hard by the officer on duty with her favorite strap-on!
Kendra needed to get to her boyfriends house so she decided to take her roommates car without asking. Her roommate caught her trying to take her car and decided to teach her a lesson about respect! Watch as she gives her pale ass a hard bare bottom spanking until it turns bright red!
Ms. Mane had to had to call Jenny into her office for a third time this month and she was sure it wouldn't be the last. Ms. Mane was sick and tired of Jenny not finishing her work. She was going to fire her, but Jenny begged and pleaded to keep her job. Ms. Mane opened her drawer of her desk and pulled out a thick belt. She told Jenny that she was going to have to learn her lesson. She bent Jenny over her lap, lifted up her skirt and proceeded to give her a very hard belting over her pantyhose, then on her bare ass!
Melanie was alone so she decided to steal some stuff from her fellow students. She grabbed a graphing calculator, however, she was a little too careless and didn't notice the door was wide open. She didn't notice her teacher coming in the room. When she did realize what was happening it was too late. Her teacher was already coming at her with the board in hand ready to lay down a hard ass spanking!
Krystal was called into her office because her boss was sick and tired of her fooling around on the computer when she was supposed to be working. Her boss was going to fire her, but Krystal begged for one more chance. Her boss told her she could keep her job, but needed to be disciplined. She pulled out the paddled and Krystal reluctantly agreed. Watch as she gets her ass paddled until its bright red!







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