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Felicia was staying with her neighbor while her parents were away on vacation. Her parents told her neighbor to keep an eye on her because she's been getting in trouble with the cops lately. Her neighbor laid some ground rules and one of them was no getting nakedin the house. Unfortunately for Felicia, she should have listened because when she was caught she was given an extremely hard over the knee bare bottom spanking! !
Whitney showed up for class wearing an inappropriate t-shirt. When her teacher
asked her what it was, she told it was a great site that has new jokes every day. The teacher had a computer on her desk so she decided to check it out. Her teacher decided to visit site and couldn't believe it was a porn site! She was furious that her student would wear such an inappropriate shirt to class so she decided to teach her a very hard lesson with such an extremely hard spanking!
Annie's landlady, Kara, drove over two hours to get to her because Annie is a few months behind on rent. When Annie told her that she would be able to pay her until next month, Kara went crazy. She already went through a messy law suit with another tenant in the past, and she didn't want to do it again. So instead she beat her senseless and afterwards took all the cash Annie had in her purse before leaving!
Kyle came home from work to find his girlfriend Kara lounging, watching television and relaxing. Kyle works his ass off to give Kara a good life, and she does nothing to show her gratitude. Kyle had asked Kara to prepare dinner for him when he arrives home from work, but she is too lazy. Watch how Kyle decides to punish his lazy girlfriend with a very brutal over the knee spanking!
Jenna was arrested for public intoxication and brought down to the local prison for booking. She was being a real bitch to the prison guard, but the guard had just the right punishment in store for her! She pulled out a cane, forced Jenna to bend over the desk, and caned her until her ass was bright red!

Karli borrowed her best friend Sasha's sweater without permission and stretched it out. Sasha got the sweater for a gift and was so pissed off Karli would disrespect her like that. She pulled out a strapon and decided to teach her a lesson while her friend Keila watched. Keila simply couldn't keep away and had to join into the threesome! Watch as Keila and Sasha stretches out her friend's asshole with a thick strapon dildo!
Krissy got in trouble during class, so her teacher made her come after class for detention. While in detention, she cursed at her and called her a slut! The teacher got so pissed off, she pulled out a paddle and proceeded to give Krissy a brutal paddling until her ass was completely black and blue!
Katya was staying at family friends house while her parents were away on vacation. Her parents friend was very strict and wouldn't let Katya visit her boyfriend. She was really horny and decided to use her dildo to masturbate. While in the middle of masturbating she was caught and shown as an example for punishment that will be received after playing with oneself. Katya received a very hard bare bottom spanking!
Updated September 5, 2008 Brett is sick and tired of catching his flirty girlfriend talking to other guys. After catching her on the phone with another guy he loses his temper. He grabs her and throws her around, then on one swoop he pulls down her panties and gives her the hardest spanking of her lifetime. Brett hits her so hard it leaves deep red marks on her ass!
Kelly is pissed Shannon keeps borrowing her clothing without asking. Kelly is running behind schedule, and needs her shirt and asks Shannon if she knows where it is. Shannon replies that it's in the wash. Kelly has had it with the lack of respect Shannon gives her. She grabs Shannon and forces her and her friend down, and spanks their ass!
Regina showed up for her piano lesson almost 20 minutes late and her teacher was really pissed off. Since she goes to music school, the teachers are allowed to discipline the students using their discretion. She decides to give Regina a very hard bare bottom spanking followed by a paddling!
Jennifer was living with a friend of the family while her parents were on vacation and decided to sneak a cigarette when no one was home. To her dismay, the family friend walked in on Jennifer smoking and was very upset that Jennifer would disrespect her house like that. She decided to teach her a lesson. Watch as Jennifer gets her panties pulled down and receives a very hard bare bottom spanking!
After class Babe decided to sneak back into her classroom and try to find the answers for the next day's test. While she was going through her desk, her teacher happened to walk in and catch her. Her teacher was really pissed off and decides to give Babe an extremely hard paddling and spanking!







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