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Heather Anne couln't keep her hands to herself at the bar and ended up getting into a pretty serious brawl. The local constable took her to jail and proceeded to remind Heather who is boss, first by making her take off all of her clothes, nexy by giving her a full body search, and lsat by full spakinging her into submission. Heather's ass did not get rest until her ass was a deep, crimson red.
Kenny came home after work to find his roommate, Evelle, being extremely lazy and sleeping. It was Evelle's turn to do the dishesin their apartment as well as take out the trash. But instead she decided to take a nap and didn't do any of her chores. Kenny was pissed he decided he was going to punish her! Watch as Evelle receives a very hard beating and takes punishment in the rear!
Heather was caught passing notes during class and her teacher gave her detention. Because she knew Heather was the one at fault so she decided to teach her a really good lesson. After school the teacher made Heather stand up and bend over her lap, while she proceeded to give her a very hard spanking over the edge of her desk!
Being late for class has strict consequences. Katie was late for class and her teacher gave her after school detention. Katie did not show up on time so her teacher was really upset with her. Watch as she gets punished with a very hard paddling and bare bottom spanking!
Kailee started another job after awhile was fired for stealing from her old job Old habits seem to die hard. Her new boss caught her stealing staplers and gave her the option between an ass spanking or the police. She answered by bending over and taking it in the ass!
Clark was dating two girls at the same time behind their backs. One of them got wind of it and contacted the other. When Clark arrived home and saw the two standing their she knew she was in deep trouble. The two felt like they both got fucked by Clark so now they get to both fuck her at the same time!!!
Brenda was caught stealing supplies at work and sent to the bosses office. As soon as the door behind her closed and her eyes locked on the boss, she dropped down to her knees and begged for her job. Outside of this infraction, she was a great worker, and her boss knew she only took a stapler and a few pens and pencils so he wasn't all that angry in the first place. However, he has a fetish for inflecting pain on others and he took this opportunity to wet his whistle. He told her she could keep her job after a hard ass spanking, and she agreed!
Trisha after getting back from Algerbra class saw her hottie blonde roommate Brenda getting changed in her room. Trisha was easily aroused, and started fingering herself. But when she moaned in excitement she made too much noise and caught in the act. Brenda wasn't sure how to teach Trisha a lesson, so she suggested a good spanking. Brenda used a big leather belt to punish her for her lack of respect!
Emily is a tomboy who is rough around the edges. This doesn't bother her tutor. However, what does get under the tutor's skin is Emily use of foul language. After Emily dropped another F bomb, her tutor ran to the bathroom and grabbed a bar of soap to stick in her dirty mouth while she spanked her hard!
Updated June 6, 2008 Chocolate was sent to the Principal's office for fighting with another student. Unfortunately for her, the student she beat up is the Principal's best friend's daughter. So instead of the traditional punishment that follows this sort of altercation, which is suspension, the Principal decided to institute some old fashioned spanking. Chocolate can dish out the pain but lets see how well she can take it!
Halie was arrested for the 3rd time this year and brought down to the local prison for booking. The prison guard was really pissed off that the judge has not given her a prison sentence for all the crimes she has committed. The guard decided to teach her a lesson. She pulled out a cane and proceeded to give her a very hard bare bottom caning!
One of Mike's closest friends called him up to let him know that he saw his gf having sex in the parking lot of a club the night before. She's cheated on him before and he forgave her, but this time was the last straw. He called her down and beat her till her legs went numb. After that he left her in pain and walked out of the door for good!
When Ms. Law's ex-roommate Sarah was caught stealing, it was her duty to bring her down to the precinct. Unless someone put up the bail money for her, Sarah would have to stay in jail until her court date. Ms. Law knew Sarah's financial situation - broke - and she also knew she had no one to count on, so she realized that she would probably be spending the next few months in the slammer. Being that they used to live together, Ms. Law decided to cut her a break. She would let her "slip through the cracks" if she allowed Ms. Law to teach her a lesson first with old fashioned corporal punishment. Sarah agreed but almost changed her mind when Ms. Law pulled out the caning stick!







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